​Google releases Inbox app for iPad

Google has updated Inbox for iOS, offering users a version optimised for Apple's tablet.

Google has released a version of its invite-only Inbox app for Apple's iPad.

Launched by Google in October last year, Inbox offers a new way to prioritize email. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but iOS users looking for a new way to solve email overload can now install the iPad version of Inbox, which was published on the App Store today.

Google the iPad version was released as an update to Inbox, bringing it up to version 1.2, which introduced an interface optimized for the tablet's larger display.

The iPad version of the app is consistent with the tablet-friendly Android app released late last year, which includes support for Android Wear devices.

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When Inbox launched last year, access to the app was available only through invite, and that remains the case today. However, users just need to email Google to request their own invite to test out the system.

The app hopes to distinguish itself from other email-organizing rivals by automatically sorting email into bundles, such as tickets or bank statements. It also offers Google Now-like card-based reminders that carry a summary of important information. The app will only work with Gmail accounts.

Separately, Google today issued a reminder to developers that it's retiring the Google Apps Email Migration API v2. It has been replaced by the Gmail API that Google launched last year as its answer to the IMAP email standard.

"EMAPI v2 will be turned down on November 1, 2015, so you should switch to the Gmail API soon. To aid you with this effort, we've put together a developer's guide to help you migrate from EMAPI v2 to the Gmail API. Before you do that, here's your final reminder to not forget about these deprecations including EMAPI v1, which are coming even sooner (April 20, 2015)," Google Apps developer advocate Wesley Chun said.

Google has provided a document to help developers migrate from the deprecated API here.

The deprecation of EMAPI v1 was announced in December along with several others that are set to expire on April 20.

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