Google reneges on Gmail App for BlackBerry support

One new Gmail app arrived last week for iOS. Another for BlackBerry will get its wings and fly far, far away.

Here's just one more tiny tidbit to add to the long list of reasons why the BlackBerry brand (and therefore, Research In Motion) might be doomed.

Starting on November 22, Google will no longer provide end user support for the installed and native Gmail App for Blackberry. Furthermore, the app will no longer be available to download after that date. BlackBerry users would be able to continue to access Gmail via the mobile page app in their BlackBerry web browsers.

That doesn't mean the program will disappear and cease to exist from devices where it is already installed, but if you are a BlackBerry owner and have any issues with this product, you better get your questions in now.

The silver lining is that Google promises to build a "great Gmail experience" on the mobile browser, so that is where the focus (at least where it concerns BlackBerry users) will go from here on out.

Funny enough, just last week, Google finally released a iOS optimized app for Google Apps. (Although really, only Gmail and Calendar have decent functionality -- even after Google made fixes following the fumbled launch.) The iPhone/iPod touch version is free, while the iPad version costs 99 cents.


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