Google reportedly facing 'ultimatum' over FTC antitrust suit

The FTC appears to be inching closer and closer to launching its antitrust case against Google.

The dispute between Google and the Federal Trade Commission is nearing a breaking point, based on a new report.

Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg reported that the FTC is pressing the Internet giant with "ultimatum."

Here are the two options that are supposed to have been presented to Google: settle with the agency now or wait for the inevitable lawsuit.

However, it looks like Google is still calling the FTC's bluff as Bloomberg wrote that the Mountain View, Calif.-based corporation "has been in discussions with the agency for about two weeks and hasn't put any remedy proposals on the table."

Last week, it was reported that the FTC might finally be nearing a formal and public recommendation for a antitrust suit against Google.

At the time, a public decision regarding Google's efforts to block U.S. imports of Microsoft and Apple products wasn't expected to drop until at least after the U.S. presidential election on November 6.

But now that Election Day has passed, it seems it's only a matter of time before the official news breaks as Bloomberg reported on Monday that, according to its sources, the FTC could take action in the "next week or two."

Bloomberg also wrote:

Specifics about what elements an FTC complaint would contain and whether it would include provisions about Google’s practices on search rankings are still under discussion within the agency, a third person familiar with the matter said.

For reference, the federal agency has supposedly been eyeing an antitrust case against the Internet giant since at least mid-2011.

In October, Reuters reported that the FTC was possibly already prepping for an official investigation to start as soon as November or December.