Google rolling out contextual "touch to search" in Chrome for Android

Similar to Google's Now On Tap, the touch to search feature makes it easier to get more information about anything on a web page. Here's how to get it sooner.

A part of the new Google Now On Tap feature arriving with Android M is appearing in Chrome for Android. Android Central reports that some Android phones now have "touch to search" functionality in the browser.

With it, you can tap any word on a web page and Chrome will pop up a web search option from the bottom of the page. Drag that up to see search results for the tapped word.


Touch to search has been available in beta versions of Chrome for some time, so it appears that Google is ready to graduate the feature to a wider audience.

When the company releases Android M, devices will gain a similar but richer contextual experience. Applications relevant to content on your screen -- think messages, emails and the like -- will be surfaced to provide additional information or actions.

Google may be enabling the touch to search feature on its end so it's possible you won't yet see it on your Android phone or tablet. If you can't wait to get it on your own Android device, however, it's easy to manually add it.

Simply type chrome:flags in the Chrome address bar to see all of browsers experimental features. Then search for the "Enable Contextual Search" option and turn it on. Relaunch your browser and you'll have the new touch to search feature.