Google Science Fair features projects on energy, cancer research (photos)

Google's Science Fair came to a close today with participants from three age groups (all in their teens) flown in from all over the world. Here's a look at the top 15 entries this year.

Google's Science Fair came to a close today with teenage participants flown in from all over the world.

Over 10,000 people between the ages of 13 and 18 submitted entries to this year's contest. Google hosted the top 15 finalists in a showcase at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. on Monday.

Vinton G. Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, said that one of the biggest surprises with this science fair tends to be the inspiration behind these original projects, citing the "incredible ability for young people to do things."

The range of projects were quite extensive, although the major themes were related to health as well as greener transportation and energy methods. Some examples include a prototype for a new kind of spring switch to prevent more train derailments and identifying a way to reduce the number of carcinogens in grilled chicken at fast food restaurants.

Click here to scroll through our gallery featuring the top 15 entries this year. The winner will be announced on Monday evening.

UPDATE: Here's the list of winners in each age group:

  • 13-14 age group: Lauren Hodge studied the effect of different marinades on the level of potentially harmful carcinogens in grilled chicken.
  • 15-16 age group: Naomi Shah endeavored to prove that making changes to indoor environments that improve indoor air quality can reduce people’s reliance on asthma medications.
  • 17-18 age group: Shree Bose discovered a way to improve ovarian cancer treatment for patients when they have built up a resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs.

Additionally, Bose also garnered the overall grand prize, which includes a $50,000 scholarship, a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands, and an internship at CERN.

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