Google secures deal to bring Apple Pay rival to US cell networks

The deal will see the three largest US wireless giants bring Google's mobile payments service to the Android devices they sell.

(Image via CNET)

Google has secured a deal that will see its mobile contactless payments system brought to Android phones sold by AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Android devices sold by the three largest US cell companies will come pre-installed with Google Wallet later this year.

The search turned mobile giant will in return buy technology from Softcard (formerly Isis), the mobile payments app backed by the coalition of cell carriers.

In a blog post, Softcard said its users can carry on using the app, but it's expected Softcard could end up included as part of Google Wallet.

Google said the deal will "help more Android users get the benefits of tap and pay." The software will land on Android devices running KitKat and newer.

Google Wallet launched in 2011 in the US, allowing Android phone users to tap-and-pay for purchases in stores. Apple last year introduced its own mobile payments service, Apple Pay.