Google Sheets gets macros

It's now easier to automate repetitive tasks in Google's spreadsheets tool.


Google on Wednesday added a key feature to Sheets, the productivity tool that's part of G Suite. The spreadsheets tool can finally record macros, helping users to automate repetitive tasks.

The Sheets macro recorder lets you record actions and play them back on command. Sheets Macros are built for cloud-based files, so teams can run macros while others are working in a sheet without disrupting them.

Macros in Sheets are converted into Apps scripts automatically, so a user can simply edit the script if they want to tweak the macro, instead of recording it from scratch.

Google is adding a few other features to Sheets as well, including custom paper sizes, the ability to add printing page breaks, more options for row and column grouping, the ability to group data by time frame, and the ability to add checkboxes in cells.