Google sneakers: The pair of shoes every SEO and search engine geek should have!

Would you buy a pair of Nike sneakers decked out in full Google regalia? I would! Then again, I'm a search engine geek, but what about you? Could you resist the urge to have this pair of shoes?

Freakin' SEOweet!

Freakin' SEOweet!

I love the Internet. Unfortunately, though, we sometimes see things much later than they originate on the Web. In this case, I'm only just now seeing something that first made its rounds back in May 2010. Fortunately, I'm not the only one, so in the event that you're in the same boat as me, take a look at the following custom Google theme design for a pair of Nike sneakers! (Yes, you read that right; a Google-themed pair of shoes befitting SEOs and search engine geeks alike). Check it out:


Custom sneaker designer Brass Monki (owned and operated by one Daniel Reese) likes to take Nike shoes and create absolute works of art out of them. These works of art are custom-created pair-by-pair and weigh in at a hefty price of anywhere between £200-350.00. (That's around $350-579 for those of us States-side). Personally, I'm not really a sneakers guy, but if they weren't so darn expensive, I would totally buy a pair of these and wear them everywhere! Nothing says you're serious business like a pair of Google shoes... except maybe this:

Ouch. I would have added a search box and search button beneath the logo, but that's just me. Anyway, in addition to the Google-themed shoe, Daniel has designed shoes for Firefox lovers, Twitter lovers, and many more. If you're interested in checking them all out, don't miss this post. Likewise, if you're potentially interested in purchasing a pair of these custom works of art, you can visit Daniel's Brass Monki store or blog for information on how to shell out your hard-earned dough.

To note, it sadly appears that Daniel has quit offering the Google sneakers as a purchasing option in his store. Perhaps if you're desperate enough to get a pair, you could reach out to him and offer him your first born or, you know... maybe just pay him or something. Either way! To wrap this up, I'd like to once again let it be known that my lack of deep pockets is the only thing that would prevent me from fulfilling the dream of obtaining this pair of Google-colored ruby slippers. Chanting "there's no place like home" will have to continue being as pointless as it's ever been.

However, perhaps Rand Fishkin could afford to nab a pair of these to replace/retire those old yellers he's been wearing for years; what do you think? Or, better yet, I could see Matt Cutts making it a regular occurrence to wear these puppies everywhere he gives a presentation! Yeah, I like that idea. Matt, these shoes have your name all over them, sir. :)

Now, what about you? Do you like these shoes or do you think they're they ugliest creation to walk the face of the virtual earth? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below! Family Guy image courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company.