Google streamlines seller programs for Work, Education cloud apps

Google for Work is also flaunting a "premier" partner track, which includes access to exclusive events and "other financial incentives."

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Nearing the end of a year that saw Google greatly strenghen its cloud and enterprise portfolios, Google Apps partners are getting some extra attention as well.

The Internet giant introduced a new partner scheme converging the Work and Education arms of the Google Apps platform.

Now dubbed as simply the Google for Work and Education Partner Program, the integrated suite combines programs for selling and supporting Apps, Chrome, Cloud Platform, Maps and Search into one offering.

But within that one offering are a few distinct track options based on partner and customer needs.

These start with basic marketing and selling Google for Work and Education, building upon that with training and other support services, and finally the development of additional software products designed to work on top of Google for Work and Education apps.

If that's not enough, Google is also flaunting a "premier" track tier for partners that have "demonstrated higher levels of excellence within their track."

Murali Sitaram, director of global partnerships and strategic alliances on the Google for Work team, explained some of the benefits to the premier track in a blog post on Thursday, highlighting exclusive events and "other financial incentives."

"Partners help customers move, live and grow in the cloud by taking full advantage of the Google for Work and Education suite of products," Sitaram wrote. "They onboard and train new customers, manage change, create specialized software to integrate with Google Apps and develop unique solutions using Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform."

Google for Work, the business-focused unit formerly known as Google Enterprise, was previously upgraded back in October with the intention of providing better customer support to its corporate user base with a focus on chat and in-product assistance.

Last week, while most Internet users were likely more concerned about the security of retail and other consumer-related sites, Google for Work was also given a security booster shot with a new Devices and Activity dashboard.

The application window for the Google for Work and Education Partner Program is scheduled to open in early 2015.