Google sweetens Cloud Platform offerings with partner scheme

The company has revealed technology and service partners who can help IT departments integrate Google's expanding cloud stack

Google has set up a partner programme to help businesses integrate its Cloud Platform with their IT systems.

The most recent addition to the platform, which already included App Engine, Apps and Drive, came a month ago in the form of the Compute Engine , an infrastructure-as-a-service play to rival Amazon Web Services. Now Google is offering two types of partners to spur uptake of its growing stack: service and technology.

According to a blog post on Tuesday from Google Cloud Platform sales chief Eric Morse, the technology partners provide tools that tie into the Compute Engine, BigQuery and Cloud Storage products, while the service partners provide consulting services for developing business, mobile and social apps using the platform.

"Cloud is core to everything we do here at Google. In the last decade, we've invested in building an infrastructure that can serve 4 billion hours of video every month, support 425 million Gmail users and store 100 petabytes of web index, and it's growing every day," Morse said.

A list of the partners shows familiar names such as the British systems integrator Appogee on the service partner side, and Jaspersoft and Puppet Labs on the technology side.