Google takes App Engine to version 1.7.4

The last update for 2012 brings features such as traffic splitting out of the experimental stage. The company is also promising that its boosted EU datacentre support will, within the coming months, be available for more than just billing-enabled apps.

Google has updated App Engine for the last time this year, bringing features such as traffic splitting to general availability.

The App Engine 1.7.4 update came out on Thursday, with several features graduating from 'experimental' status. A new Maven plugin has also been made available for those coding in Java, while the Python interpreter is now at version 2.7.3.

Google also used the occasion to remind users that it was expanding European datacentre support — a crucial compliance step for many app providers. The firm noted that deployment was "currently limited to billing-enabled applications", but promised further support in the coming months.

The new capabilities open to general availability including splitting requests between different app versions and seeing fuller task queue statistics. A LogsReader and Logs AP is also now available.

Meanwhile, expanded datastore query support has been brought into the experimental fold.