Google taps Twilio for enterprise comms on Chromebooks

This isn't the first time that Google and Twilio have teamed up for the greater enterprise good.

Google has been increasingly bolstering the Chrome portfolio for business customers, from the Chromebox video conferencing set to repurposing Chromebooks.

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The latter is the focus of the latest development thanks to a new collaboration with cloud communications service Twilio.

Twilio produces a voice and messaging API that can be integrated within apps for SMS and voice communications without having to involve telecommunications giants. Existing API users include Hulu, Airbnb and, among others.

Announced amid Twilio's ongoing international roadshow as well as on the eve of Google I/O in San Francisco this week, Twilio CX is being introduced as a Twilio client with WebRTC capabilities, promising to enable web browsers to serve as voice and video communications channels.

Twilio CX comes with 7,500 Twilio minutes per month, depending on the combination of the Chromebook and Plantronics headsets for voice communications.

This isn't the first time that Google and Twilio have teamed up for the greater enterprise good.

Last year , Twilio became the first voice and messaging platform integrated with Google Cloud Platform.

Twilio CX is available for a monthly subscription fee. The San Francisco-based software company added that its partner, cloud-based contact center LiveOps, will be the first to deliver Twilio CX to market as part of its LiveOps Engage and Voice Advantage products for Salesforce.


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