Google: Thinking about the future of TV ads

It is very possible that Google is creating their own branded digital television DVR / satellite service.



The New York Times published an interesting article yesterday that gives some insight into how Google operates and what may be coming in the advertising arena.  I was particularly intrigued by the mention of television ads, which is not too much of a stretch since Google has been dabbling in print ads. 

An article that I posted just over a month ago uncovered the domains, and more.  Another Google-owned domain that is of interest is which from what I can tell was undiscovered, or at least unreported, until just now.  The owner of googledvr.COM is Video Security Inc. in Florida and has had the domain since February 25, 2004.  It is not unlike Google to either purchase, or by some other means take control of domains previously registered to other people/companies (particularily ones with "Google" in the name).  Before Google launches services, they tend to register Google<servicename>.com/.net/.org even before they create subdomains (ie.,, etc.)

It is very possible that Google is creating their own branded digital television DVR / satellite service.

A DVR that lets you  "Log In" with your Google Account before you begin your television watching would allow Google to serve up relevant ads based on: the program you are watching, your search history, the type of emails you have received in the past 24 hours (excluding spam hopefully), or anything else Google can track.

Imagine the possibilities... You are watching Google Satellite TV through your "internet ready" Google DVR:

1) You receive a new Gmail and it pops up automatically on your TV (if you choose to see new messages of course).
2) A ticker at the top of the screen shows recent news that interests you... or better yet, it shows new items from my Google Reader!
3) A more personalized TV experience which will serve up relevant commercials on commercial breaks based on your interests.

This is just the beginning, a service like this could easily tie into Google Talk, Google Base, Google Calendar... the possibilities are endless.  Technically speaking, live television could be delivered by satellite and recorded programs may be stored on Google's server (Google Video?) for convenient "on demand" playback from the comfort of your couch, laptop or video cell phone.

Of course, Google will have relevant TV ads on commercial breaks, and since your DVR is Internet ready you can visit the Web sites of the advertisers by "clicking" them on your Google Branded TV.  Could "GBrowser" be the name of their Web browser on the Google DVR?  (remember WebTV?).

People love to watch TV, almost as much as they like to surf the net.  Why not make them one?