Google to Android users: Take this personality test and we'll tell you the best look for your phone

Google's #myAndroid taste test will match you up with the recommended ways to customize the look and feel of your Android phone.


Google's #myAndroid taste test will help you customize your phone by asking you some sometimes curious questions, such as this one about legs and hot dogs.

Image: Google

Google has released a quiz designed to help pair users with the right tools to customize their Android phone.

Do you prefer 2016 over 2017? What about animated versus static images? Do you like circles, squares or unique shapes better? Are you addicted to messaging, or gaming, or are you a workaholic? Are you a news junkie, or do you just want music?

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Pick an answer to these and other curious questions about your preferences, Android skills, and interests in Google's new #myAndroid taste test and you'll be matched up with a set of tools to customize your phone in a way that prioritizes what you're into.

The quiz, which urges people to 'Tap first, think later', covers preferences in color, light, order, shapes, style, and usage habits to arrive at a combination of third-party wallpapers, icon packs, launchers and widgets available on Google Play.

While most of the questions are straightforward, there is an odd one about whether you see hot dogs or legs in one image.

The quiz plays up to one of the main differences between Android and iOS. But while Android fans enjoy tweaking the way their phone looks, feels and behaves, they also have a ton of choices. Google's quiz could be useful in suggesting a best-fitting setup.

The taste test appears to be part of a promotion for Google's Gboard, which is the recommended keyboard regardless of how the quiz is answered because it's "super-customizable, so you can make it look and work however you want".

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