Google to end support for Android Eclipse tools by year end

Users of Android Developer Tools for Eclipse are being asked to migrate to Android Studio, as the search giant will end support for ADT.

Android will cease development and support for Android Developer Tools (ADT) in Eclipse by the end of 2015 as it is phased out in favour of the company's own development environment, Android Studio.

The move from Eclipse will see support arrive for Android NDK in Android Studio, as well as the future migration of stand-alone performance tools such as DDMS and Trace Viewer.

While developers can still create Android Apps in Eclipse, the company will not provide any support or updates.

"If you have not had the chance to migrate your projects to Android Studio, now is the time," Google said on its Android developer's blog.

In December last year, Google announced that Android Studio was ready for a 1.0 release, after announcing the IntelliJ-based integrated development environment 18 months prior. The company had said at the time that the ADT plugin for Eclipse was no longer in development, and asked users to begin the migration to Android Studio.

Android Studio allows users to import projects they have undertaken in Eclipse ADT and complete them on its new platform.