Google to launch content production venue in Brazil

The YouTube Space facility will offer free courses and networking opportunities to develop new audiovisual talent
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Google will open its first video production facility in Brazil to provide budding content creators with access to equipment and infrastructure to produce audiovisual material.

The São Paulo-based YouTube Space venue is the result of a partnership between Google and Instituto Criar, a Brazilian non-profit organization focused on training young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in technical roles within TV, cinema and new media.

At the new location, which will be up and running by the end of November, a range of courses and workshops focusing on real-life experiences and technical skills for videomaking will be offered, as well as networking events and access to audiovisual and editing equipment for the creation of new material.

"Brazilians form one of the most vibrant YouTube communities in the world, producing content for passionate fans all over Brazil, where the online consumption of video is already one of the strongest in the world," says content director at YouTube, Alvaro Paes de Barros.

"The YouTube Space at Instituto Criar is another initiative from Google to foster creativity, entrepreneurship and partnerships with leading organizations in the country. The makers are already producing amazing material and we are excited about what still lies ahead," Paes de Barros adds in his blog post.

This follows the launch of similar YouTube content production centers in other cities worldwide including Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and New York.

According to Google, since the introduction of the YouTube Spaces in 2012, about 30.000 people worldwide have taken part in more than 450 workshops. Approximately 6.000 videos have been created by people who have used the centers, which generated more than 750 million views.

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