Google TV perks up some more with Google Music

Google Music hits the airwaves as well as your Google TV this week.

Slowly but surely, Google TV is getting better. Now that Google Music has arrived for all U.S. customers, it makes only perfect sense that the digital music service would be available on the Goog's television platform.

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Google Music users in the U.S. with Google TV can download the free app from the Android Market, log in with your account, and enjoy up to 20,000 songs saved in the cloud through an HDTV. The program plays in the background using other apps on Google TV. Other features include being able to add a "custom soundtrack" to slideshows from the Photos app.

Google TV got a much-needed user interface refresh along with more apps from the Android Market at the very end of October, approximately a year after the service first debuted. Google TV sales haven't been all too satisfactory for Google or its third-party manufacturing partners, but there might be hope for this product nonetheless.

Google TV product manager Jurek Foryciarz wrote on the Official Google TV blog that we should "be on the lookout for future updates to the Google Music app along with other great apps coming to Google TV."

Hopefully Google TV will continue to spruce up more quickly. Surely Google's partners on this venture, specifically Sony and Logitech, would appreciate that.