Google, Twitter vets raise $35 million in venture capital

San Francisco-based Homebrew plans consumer and enterprise investments.

A new venture capital firm founded by former Google and Twitter project managers has raised $35 million in a new fund, according to a new report.

Fortune's Dan Primack has the scoop on Homebrew, a San Francisco-based firm launched by Hunter Walk (ex-Google, via YouTube) and Satya Patel (ex-Google and former product lead for Twitter). 

Primack writes:

The Homebrew strategy is to create a concentrated portfolio of startups that "enable the people-based economy" for both consumers and enterprises. Half of the companies would be incubated by Homebrew, while the others would be seed-stage financings.

The fund is the young firm's first. Walk has been an active angel investor (the Sunrise iOS calendar app, Wealthfront automated investing, Seesaw social decision-making). Patel has worked for Battery Ventures (BlueKai marketing intelligence, ChoiceVendor B2B ratings, FreeWheel for enterprise infrastructure, Lotame for audience data management) and Impact Venture Partners. 

In what will the new firm invest? We don't know for sure—the phrase "people-based economy" and Walk's vague farewell to Google from February is all we have to hang on.