Google under siege: Korean authorities raid Seoul office

Korean antitrust officials have raided Google's local office for the second time in just a few months.

Korean antitrust officials raided Google's Seoul office today over concerns raised that the search company is restricting Korean competitors from equal footing on Android devices. The Korean Fair Trade Commission is investigating claims made by two Internet companies that Google is hampering mobile search competition with its practices.

The Korean agency isn't alone as the U. S. Federal Trade Commission recently served Google with a subpoena regarding the possibility of unfair practices surrounding Android. The company's AdMob mobile advertising agency had also previously come under the scrutiny of Korean officials in May of this year.

Google seems to be learning what happens when your mobile platform becomes really big and you get a target on your back. What makes the Korean situation particularly grating is that Korea-based Samsung is in a big battle with Apple over its Android-based Galaxy line of products. Having Korean officials going after Google can't help Samsung in the long run.

Image credit: Flickr user graymalkn

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