Google unveils its 'biggest-ever' consumer education campaign

Google has unveiled a new project offering a bevy of information and videos with valuable advice about everything from passwords to "incognito mode" on Chrome.

In the spirit of public service or public relations (or both), Google has unveiled a  new project that it is boasting as its "biggest-ever consumer education campaign."

Dubbed "Good to Know," the campaign covers four major topics: tips for staying secure online, how to make websites more useful, how to make Google's own products more useful, and information about what you're actually sharing online and with Google.

Google's director of privacy, product and engineering, Alma Whitten, offered an example on the official Google blog as to who might fit the description of someone who would benefit from these resources:

Does this person sound familiar? He can’t be bothered to type a password into his phone every time he wants to play a game of Angry Birds. When he does need a password, maybe for his email or bank website, he chooses one that’s easy to remember like his sister’s name—and he uses the same one for each website he visits. For him, cookies come from the bakery, IP addresses are the locations of Intellectual Property and a correct Google search result is basically magic.

Although the site looks simple, it really does offer a bevy of information and videos with pretty valuable advice about everything from something as basic (but incredibly important) as passwords to "incognito mode" on Chrome.

Some of the content and ideas might come across as obvious to IT professionals and frequent ZDNet readers in general, but it could probably come in handy for someone like the aforementioned Angry Birds enthusiast.