Google unveils management tools for Apple Macs

Company's Macintosh operations team makes available scripts and utilities it currently uses internally to manage Internet giant's network of Apple computers.

Google has released a couple of management tools to help enterprises that use Apple Macintosh systems.

Clay Caviness, systems administrator from the Web giant's internal Macintosh operations team, last week said it would make available tools and utilities it currently uses to manage the company's own "large fleet of Macs".

For a start, Caviness said his team released an application usage module for crankd and a facter recipe to create facts from the database.

Google in June 2010 reportedly told employees they would no longer be able to use Windows PCs in the office and must instead use either Mac or Linux systems. The move reportedly came as a result of security concerns regarding the Windows operating system, but the company had then declined to comment on "specific operational matters".