Google updates business, education, cloud security certifications

The latest security audits also blanket additional coverage for Google+ and Hangouts.

Google has been very busy bolstering its cloud platform from every angle, beefing it up against Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

Even ahead of unexpected service outages, security is the most important front line in the cloud wars, and Google announced some new changes of its own on Wednesday.

The internet giant has been awarded with an updated ISO 27001 certificate and SOC 2 and SOC 3 Type II audit report, maintaining its security compliance for retaining highly sensitive data for users (corporate and individual) across the United States and Europe.

Eran Feigenbaum, director of security for Google Apps, described these audits in a blog post as "the most widely recognized, internationally accepted independent security compliance reports."

The advanced certifications shore up protection for the Google Cloud Platform and Google Apps for Business and Education. The new merits also blanket additional coverage for Google+ and Hangouts.

Feigenbaum asserted Google hires independent auditors to routinely audit its systems and operations on a regular basis. Google clarified it also has 450 full-time Google security engineers on watch.

Feigenbaum continued:

These certifications, along with our existing offerings of FISMA for Google Apps for Government, support FERPA and COPPA compliance in Google Apps for Education, model contract clauses for Google Apps customers who operate within Europe, and HIPAA business associate agreements for organizations with protected health information, help assure our customers and their regulators that we’re committed to keeping their data and that of their users secure, private and compliant.

In another effort to demonstrate more transparency, Google is also making the SOC3 audit report (alongside an explainer about all of Google's compliance certifications) available online to the public for the first time.