Google updates Play Store with new look, much needed Android Wear icons

An easier way to view apps and which are compatible with Android Wear are welcome changes to Google's store for Android software.

If it doesn't already, the Google Play Store on your Android device will look a bit different thanks to visual updates. The software has a slight redesign to make it easier when finding apps in various categories notes PhoneScoop.

Even better though is the addition of an icon for apps that have an Android Wear equivalent, spotted by Android Police.This is a big improvement over the old way of finding Android Wear apps in the Play Store.

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Unlike Apple, which has a dedicated store for Apple Watch apps -- you find and install them through the watch's companion app on your iPhone -- Google up to now has left the Android Wear compatibility information up to developers; they simply added the information in the app's description or "what's new" section.

That approach is far from ideal because there was no easy to way to find out if an Android app had a Wear component; at least not without a bunch of searching and reading.

Note that even with the new Google Play Store, the Android Wear compatibility icon isn't front and center; it's down on the bottom by the "Read More" link.


I'd like to see Google make it more prominent in a future Play Store update but even this implementation is far better than burying the information in an app's description.