Google vaults to top 10 in Q1 lobbying spending

According to data compiled by MapLight, Google spent the most it has ever on lobbying federal agencies and Congress. It still trails the likes of AT&T, Verizon and Comcast though.

Google spent $5.47 million on lobbying Congress and federal agencies in the first quarter, according to MapLight, which compiles and analyzes federal lobbying disclosures.

The search giant was the only technology company in MapLight's top 10.

Here's a breakdown of where Google fits in among the lobbying giants for the first quarter. Google has never spent that much in lobbying in one quarter, according to MapLight.


Here's another way to look at Google's lobbying spending since 2008.


However, if you zoom out over the last seven years, Google doesn't rank all that high among tech companies. AT&T has spent $117.4 million since 2008 on lobbying followed by Verizon and Comcast at $112.8 million and $112.1 million, respectively.

That trio is obviously in the net neutrality mix when it comes to marketing.

Google is the fourth biggest spender on lobbying in the tech sector since 2008 with $74.55 million spent. The MapLight data comes a month after the Wall Street Journal reported that Google meets with the White House once a week on average.

For comparison, Microsoft spent $58.66 million on lobbying to date since 2008. Amazon spent $18.5 million in the same time frame and IBM spent $37.72 million.