Google, Viacom video ad test: Google getting generous?

Google friendly to content?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

Viacom's MTV Networks is testing distribution of clips from its cable networks over Google's advertising network, to evaluate a possible new revenue sharing model for Web-based video delivery, the companies said on Sunday, according to Reuters reports:

The project, a year in the making, marks the first time Google will distribute ad-supported videos across its AdSense network from a major programming provider. The ad-supported video distribution project will begin testing later in August.

Google's AdSense network currently handles primarily text and graphical-oriented brand advertising.

Michael Wolf, president of MTV Networks, is quoted:

MTV will take the largest share of ad revenue, which will be shared with Google's affiliate network sites and Google. Google has ‘built specialized technology’ for this test, he said.

As I discuss in “Google royalty-free content: fair use, or foul play?”, the actual specifics of Google’s revenue sharing “deals” with its content “partners” are closely guarded by Google.

Google “announcements,” and statements by Google “partners,” however, about its various product “tests” and “initiatives,” are generally “inspiring.”

Given that Google does not even disclose to prospective AdSense publisher “partners” the commission rate Google will pay, Google’s reported generosity with MTV would undoubtedly be unusual.


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