Google will pay you to find Android security bugs with new program

Got a Nexus 6 or Nexus 9? If you find a security issue and report it to Google you can earn between $500 and $8,000 in its new Android Security Rewards program.

Google on Tuesday added a new effort that pays you when you find a security issue in Android. Every verifiable issue in the new Android Security Rewards program will pay a minimum of $500 with the total reward reaching $8,000 in some cases.

The Android Security Rewards program supplements and is separate from Google's Patch Rewards, a similar initiative that applies to select open source projects.

For now, Google is only making the Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet eligible for the new Security Rewards but says it may expand the list over time.

The company is starting with the newest Nexus devices to bolster the security and appeal of them. Google says Nexus is "the first major line of mobile devices to offer an ongoing vulnerability rewards program."

Aside from seeking individuals to report security issues with Android, Google is also looking to researchers. It will provide the largest reward payouts to those who can show workarounds to Android's core security features, such as application sandboxing.

While a $500 reward doesn't sound like much, the dollars can add up. Google paid out more than $1.5 million last year to those who reported security and bug issues in Chrome and other Google Products.

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