Google's coalition speaks with one voice

This morning, Google announced its plans to acquire Motorola Mobility. It also published statements of support from four key mobile partners who are also Motorola competitors. It's remarkable how much those statements sound alike. See for yourself.

I was as stunned as anyone by this morning's news that Google plans to buy Motorola Mobility for some $12.5 billion.

My first reaction, on Twitter, was this:

It took a couple hours, but eventually the partners spoke, and Google published their statements in full. You'll notice immediately that each statement is strikingly similar to the others. This reformat really brings out the similarities, don't you think?

"Committed to defending Android and its partners"? With this merger, Google will presumably become the new lead defendant in Microsoft's patent infringement case against Motorola. (In fact, Microsoft and Google have already mixed it up directly in this lawsuit, accusations flying in both directions as recently as last week.) And there's an Apple lawsuit against Motorola in Europe.

A vigorous defense and a favorable outcome in those cases would be comforting to the other partners. But I suspect this coordinated wording means Google has agreed to intervene in those other suits as well. Have they gone so far as to indemnify Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and LG in the many legal actions brought against them for Android-related activities?