Google's I/O keynote video stream FAIL

Google's I/O Day 1 keynote stream was completely down during the event and equally unavailable for most of the day afterward - a total FAIL. Google should used Apple's new iDataCenter.

If you weren't lucky enough to nab a ticket to Google I/O 2011 (which is a lot of people considering that the event sold out in a record 59 minutes) you might have placated yourself with the fact that you'd be able to watch a live video stream of the keynote at

I had no such luck viewing the stream with either a desktop or an Android browser.

Google's I/O Day 1 keynote stream (which works now, natch) was completely down during the event and equally unavailable for most of the day afterward.

Access from an Android device was abysmal. I was hoping I'd be able to catch some of the keynote on my HTC Thunderbolt while the keynote aired over the lunch hour here in the eastern U.S., but again, no such luck.

When trying to access the stream from my HTC Thunderbolt the Google I/O 2011 event Web site redirected me to a "mobile-optimized" site with no access to the streams. also re-directed to mobile site with no access. When I attempted to access the Google Developer channel on YouTube ( from my ThunderBolt, it too redirected me or threw variants of the "Page not available, please try again later" error -- numerous times.

Google's official I/O conference application is nothing more than a glorified schedule, although "Realtime Stream" (a the Google Earth live tweet mashup) is pretty cool.

Perhaps Google should have leased some capacity from Apple's new iDataCenter in Maiden, NC?

What was your experience with the live keynote stream from I/O?