​Google's latest mobile ad move: Google Play

Google Play paid search ads could help developers reach more customers. For Google, Google Play seems like a natural mobile ad outlet.

Google has been trying to nail the mobile advertising game for a while, but the user behavior is just different than on the desktop. Now a move to add paid search ads into Google Play may change that equation---or at least give the search giant a bigger playing field.

The company said in a blog post that it will begin allowing paid search ads in its Play store, which hits 1 billion people on Android devices around the world.


Google, which reported fourth quarter earnings last month, will roll out the effort in a pilot and then expand. Initially, the paid search ads in Play will be for app discovery and promotion. As Google noted:

We are always looking for new ways to help you get your apps in front of potential new users. That's why, in the next few weeks, we will begin piloting sponsored search results on Google Play, bringing our unique expertise in search ads to the store.

Given the number of apps that are proliferating, developers are likely to flock to the paid search apps to get some exposure. What remains to be seen is whether that exposure will pay off on the bottom line. After all, you'd be using Google ads for apps that mostly rely on the search giant for monetization.

These ads in Play would turn up in organic searches.


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