Google's LTE Chromebook Pixel to reach buyers from today

Early LTE Pixel buyers in the US look set to receive their new hardware on Friday.

The LTE-enabled Chromebook is $1,449 while the standard version is $1,300

US customers who ordered the LTE version of Google's Chromebook Pixel will start receiving them from Friday 12 April, according to the company.

Google announced the slightly-delayed arrival of the Pixel LTE's on its Chrome Google+ account yesterday. Last month it flagged the device should reach customers from 8 April, nearly a month and half after announcing it. 

The LTE Pixel is available to US customers only on Google Play for $1449 and is tied to Verizon's 4G network. Since it lacks 3G radios , it cannot operate on mobile networks outside Verizon's 4G coverage though. 

Google's earlier, cheaper Chromebooks by Samsung and Acer come with 100GB cloud storage valid for two years, while the Pixel comes with 1TB for three years. The standard Wifi-only Pixel costs $1300.

Google unveiled its high-density pixel Chromebook in late February, which sells in the US and UK only. Google has not revealed launch dates for the LTE in international markets yet.