Google's New Year doodle on display

Google's New Years' Eve doodle can now be viewed on certain international websites in the run up to 2012.

Google's latest doodle in celebration of New years' Eve can now be viewed -- although only by visiting certain time zone sites.

(Source: ZDNet)

The doodle can be found on international Google homepages such as (South Korea) and (New Zealand).

Google is known to create doodles on its international homepages for major events. Past events have included Yuri Nikulin's 90th birthday, Bahrain's National day, and Thanksgiving 2011. They have been created to celebrate international holidays, landmarks, birthdays and sometimes are purely for user amusement -- for example, the Google pacman.

Google also hosts a gallery archive so you can view previous doodle designs.

It is not only renowned artists that find their work on the front page of the world's most popular search engine. The search engine giant runs 'Doodle 4 Google', a competition aimed at K-12 students to submit designs for its multiple homepages.

A group of Google staff regularly get together to decide the events and holidays that will receive doodles, and the doodle selection process aims to 'celebrate interesting events and anniversaries that reflect Google's personality and love for innovation'.

The doodles were originally created in 1998 as a notice to suggest staff were 'out of the office'. However, they have become an important aspect of Google in their own right.

When doodles were first created, nobody realized just how popular they would become. It looks like this latest example is likely to become a global doodle -- but we will find out when it hits our own time zones.