Google's Page upbeat after 3 months on job: 10 million on Google+

Google boasts strong second quarter earnings as CEO Larry Page reveals initial yet solid user statistics about Google+.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Google delivered strong earnings for the second quarter today, but it is Google+ that has grasped the spotlight.

Speaking during the company's quarterly earnings webcast for investors, CEO Larry page repeatedly exclaimed how "excited" he is about Google+, the company's foray into the social networking market.

Here are just a snapshot of how successful Google+ is so far:

  • Over 10 million people have joined Google+ (as predicted)
  • Over 1 billion items have been shared and received in a single day
  • The +1 button is used on average 2.3 billion times a day

For perspective, it's only been around for a few weeks, and Google+ is still in field trial mode, only accessible on an invite-only basis. Additionally, it is the first product to represent Google's new visual redesign as seen on Google's home page and other apps such as Gmail and Calendar.

Page spoke broadly about Google+:

Our goal with Google Plus is to make sharing on the Web like sharing in real life, as well as to improve the overall Google experience. Circles lets you choose with precision who you're sharing with. Not surprisingly, this has been very well received, because in real life we share different things with different people. Hangouts allows for serendipitous interactions, like in real life when you run into a few friends. It gives you seamless and fun multi-user video, and it is really amazing. Last quarter we launched the +1 button in search results and ads, enabling users to recommend stuff they like and to have those recommendations show up in the search results of people they know.

He also noted that while the Mountain View, Calif.-based tech giant is not pinning all of its hopes onto Google+, Page did say that it represents on of Google's new "beautiful products that are simple and intuitive to use."

The next step for Google+ is to integrate Google's other core and established products. Page didn't offer many specifics during the webcast, except that the company is focused on "improving all of Google." For now, there's that black bar at the top of the browser window that points to each Google App.


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