Google's Postini security team unveils new email feature, plans for 2013

Google's Postini unit rolls out a new feature for managing and filtering email with a glance ahead at 2013.

Google has published another update about its Postini security unit, with a brief roadmap for 2013.

Google apps program manager Adam Dawes wrote on the official Google Enterprise blog on Wednesday that Google developers have released "numerous Postini features directly in Google Apps, such as user policy management; email content filters; archiving, retention and eDiscovery with Google Apps Vault" over the last few years.

Going forward into 2013, the plan is to gradually transition Postini Google Message Security (GMS) and Google Message Discovery (GMD) customers to Google Apps. Dawes explained that this will enable enterprise customers "to take advantage of the Postini features built directly into Google Apps that are more flexible, powerful and user-friendly."

But in the meantime, Google Apps administrators will start seeing a new feature for managing routing and basic filtering of email to on-premise systems as well as email to Google Apps users. Rolling out today, the goal is to make it easier for sales and support teams to use generic email addresses such as sales@ or support@ rather than having to route messages to ticketing and alert systems outside of Gmail.

For reference, Google acquired Postini in 2007 for $625 million with the intention of streamlining Postini's security and corporate compliance technology to Google's enterprise services, which have evolved into the Google Apps platform we know today.

Since then, the Postini team has been continously integrating and updating security features bit by bit, including the addition of Dual Delivery (allows a copy of email to be delivered to two different mail hosts) and spam filter tuner Health Check in 2010.

For a closer look at Google's continued transition of Postini into Google Apps, check out the promo video below: