Google's Project Glass puts augmented reality into sight

Google's cellphone-headset mash-up brings ubiquitous searching and communicating to the concept stage.

Google X offices, a secret lab that works on futuristic projects such as robots and space elevators, has revealed more details on its augmented reality glasses that we reported on back in February .

Despite earlier reports that Google would be selling the glasses by year's end, however, Google has indicated that's unlikely, says, which got a preview of the prototype. The concept product, called Project Glass, is worn on the face like glasses, but instead of full lenses just one tiny smart phone screen hangs right above the wearer's eye. Think of a tiny teleprompter. An audio command link and microphone allow the user to communicate with the phone virtually hands-free. There must be some hand-based inputs, but since the video below is shot from the user's eye's point of view, it's hard to know exactly how a user interacts with the glasses.

Writes Wired's Steven Levy:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin have long had the dream of a hands-free, mobile Google, where search was a seamless process as you moved around the world. As the years progressed the vision did, too, expanding beyond search to persistent connections with the people in your lives.

In other words, Google’s view of the world now has the social side fully baked into it.

Or, in other other words, we are inching closer to becoming cyborgs. Check it out:


Image: Google+

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