Google's purchase of QuickOffice a strike at Surface RT

When Google bought QuickOffice, a full office suite that runs on mobile platforms, it was thought to be a strike against Microsoft Office in the cloud. The real target may be the Surface RT tablet from Redmond.

QO Office

When Google snapped up the company behind the capable QuickOffice mobile suite just a couple of months ago it got pundits' tongues wagging. The overriding thought was Google will integrate QuickOffice into it's cloud-based Google Docs to give Microsoft Office a serious competitor.

Larry Dignan thought it was a shot across the bow of Windows 8, specifically its foray into the tablet space that was expected. With Microsoft entering the tablet space directly with its Surface tablets, Larry was prescient. Throw in the fact that Google is now making its own tablet (Nexus 7) and you have the perfect storm for Android to take on the Surface.

Android device owners are familiar with QuickOffice, specifically how good it is at working with complex Microsoft Office documents. It can't completely replace MS Office but for the majority of consumers it is more than good enough to do so.

Microsoft and enthusiasts alike are quick to point out that the ARM-based Surface RT tablet will have a full version of Office installed. How full the special version will be remains to be seen, but it is a selling point with many looking forward to the Surface later this year.

If Google ramps up integrating QuickOffice into its Android tablets the exclusive Office support the Surface RT enjoys could be short-lived. The QuickOffice Pro HD suite for Android is already a capable MS Office substitute and Google could place it front and center in the tablet war.

QuickOffice already works with major cloud storage services, including Dropbox,, and Google Docs. It is in the perfect position to take on Office RT and thus the Surface RT. The tablet war is about to get very interesting.

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