Google's seasonal Easter egg: 'Let it snow'

Google's latest 'Easter egg' shows off the search giant's fluffy side, by letting it snow over a users' search results.

Google, in keeping with adding hidden search result features to entertain the masses, has released a latest coded search result to celebrate the seasonal holiday.

While many in England will be wondering why Google is shimmering its search results with snow, considering the average temperature is comparable to a warm summer's day in Scotland (still cold, but not cold enough), Google is marking the festive season as we lead up to the last shopping days before Christmas.

To see Google's frosty, snowy surprise, type in: "let it snow" in the search engine.

(Source: ZDNet)

Not only will Google serve up the snowfall effect in HTML5, the page becomes even icier by frosting up the screen like a car windscreen on a cold, winter morning. Using your mouse, you can wipe the screen with your virtual sleeve to wipe away the frost and condensation revealing a selection of seasonal videos.

And if it all gets too much, the search button becomes a 'Defrost' button, giving users to whack on the heating and return to their search results.

Though it's hardly as fun as the now famous "do a barrel roll" search result, which spun the search results' page over and around, but it certainly adds to the wintery festivities.

This Easter egg adds to many pre-existing features of Google, often not publicly disclosed, but discovered through the hundreds of millions of people searching for weird and wonderful results.