Gorging on pirated gift cards in the desert

Catch up on the latest Aussie tech news from Google, NBN Co and Rackspace, and channel the joy of global-roaming charges on this week's Technolatte podcast.

Frustrations are rising to the surface as Communications Minister Stephen Conroy reaffirmed that we're being ripped off by global-roaming charges. Google's new Google Play gift cards are, yet again, only available in the US. And News Limited's CEO thinks the NBN should be used to police piracy.

But on a positive note, Rackspace is showing us how to do globalisation right.

On this week's Technolatte podcast, we discuss:

  • The Australian Communications and Media Authority's (ACMA) upcoming industry standard to prevent bill shock for Australian travellers

  • Google Play gift cards , and why not allowing hardware purchases is a smart move for the company

  • Rackspace's new datacentre in Australia , and why it can't be built in the middle of the desert

  • Whether policing the NBN is going to deal with the "digital kleptomaniacs" that News Limited CEO Kim Williams said the internet is encumbered with.

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Running time: 26 minutes, 35 seconds.