Got a business? Here's how to claim it in Apple Maps on iOS 8.3

Make sure your company has the right information in Apple Maps: Use the new "claim a business" function on an iPad or iPhone.

Among the many new features in the recently released iOS 8.3 software is one that helps businesses manage their data on Apple Maps. The mapping software has long supported POI, or points of interest, gathering and showing information on business locations, public buildings and more. That doesn't always mean the POI information is accurate however.

Apple Insider notes there is a new "Claim this business" option in Apple Maps for iOS 8.3; doing so registers you with Apple as the business owner and will then let you manage the POI information. That's helpful since Maps can provide your company website, hours, phone number and more. So you'll want that data to be accurate.

To claim a business shown as a POI in Apple Maps, just tap it on your iPhone or iPad. Then, scroll to the very bottom and choose "Report a Problem".

A new option to claim the business will appear; tapping it and answering questions about your company -- Apple will attempt to verify your ownership -- lets you stake your claim to make sure customers have the right information about your business.