GoTouch makes any TV instantly interactive

The GoTouch device turns any TV or projector into a giant interactive whiteboard in about a minute.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Have you ever been in a presentation and wanted to share it with your colleagues so you could collaborate? The new GoTouch device means that you can quickly connect and start interacting using your TV, GoTouch device, and phone.

GoTouch makes any TV instantly interactive ZDNet

The device connects wirelessly to any TV or projector via an iOS or Android phone or tablet. First, connect your phone or computer to your TV or projector with an HDMI cable, or wirelessly with Apple TV or a similar device.

Pair the GoTouch device to your phone or Windows PC via Bluetooth, connect it to your TV, and launch the GoTouch app.

The app is free, and you can use it without GoTouch to collaborate on documents such as whiteboards, PDFs, videos, or websites remotely.

Once connected, it tracks what you write or draw on screen using the pen as a mouse, or stylus. Its rechargeable battery means GoTouch doesn't have to be plugged into anything during your presentation.

It will work with any TV or projector screen up to 80 inches in size. Internet connectivity ensures collaboration and participants can annotate images, videos, and websites on screen.

The GoTouch is small enough for you to carry it in your pocket, take it on the road and use it with a client's projector.

For accuracy, the device uses a 4K Ultra HD camera running at 100 frames per second to track the infrared light in the GoTouch Pen. This fast refresh rate means that you will not notice lag when you draw or write.

The Seoul, Korea-based startup Anyractive has smashed its Kickstarter goal of $30,000 with over $110,000 pledged to bring the project to life.

The project has been in the pipeline since 2014, and the two-person team has grown to a 15-person business in two years. The company is based in Seoul, Asia's hub for tech startups.

At $89 per device, small businesses can eliminate the extra overheads of buying collaboration infrastructure. Big businesses with road warriors on the go outside the office can ensure collaboration with clients and the office anywhere at any time.

The GoTouch certainly is an innovative idea for collaboration solutions anywhere.

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