Gotta love Google: Tweet from Egypt by phone

Google has provided a voice phone way for Egyptians to tweet.

The Internet was designed to route around, and attempts by the Egyptian government notwithstanding, the Internet is beginning to route around President Mubarak's attempt to squelch his populace.

This just in.

Those fun kids over at Google have enabled the following phone numbers:

  • +16504194196
  • +390662207294
  • +97316199855

Here's the trick. Dial the number, speak into the phone, and Google will tweet out your words with a #egypt hashtag. This is all part of their SayNow acquisition, a company they acquired last week.

You can listen to the tweets by dialing into those numbers or just following @speak2tweet.

So, like I said, gotta love Google. Tweet out loud, tweet out strong!