Government launches IT security kitemark

An accreditation for IT security products aimed at the public sector and SMEs has been launched by the CSIA

The government has launched a scheme it claims will ensure that off-the-shelf IT security products actually do what they claim.

The CSIA, the government's IT security watchdog, is recommending that the mark — CSIA Claims Tested (CCT) — should be adopted as a standard across the public sector.

Products are awarded the mark after their claims are investigated by independent testing.

Although the CCT Mark is primarily aimed at IT and information security managers across the wider public sector, the government said it will also provide a guide to SMEs.

The first companies to receive the government sponsored CCT Mark are encryption company BeCrypt and point security company SecureWave.

Jim Murphy, Cabinet Office minister with responsibility for e-government, said in a statement: "This scheme will bring welcome new levels of confidence and assurance to information security in the public sector.

"As public sector services and information systems become more joined up, the government is taking steps to ensure those systems are adequately protected."