Government to use games consoles

Government heads line up for games consoles, PIU will evaluate high scores

Government services will be delivered via PCs, mobile phones, interactive TV and even games consoles in the future.

As part of the drive towards e-government -- which will see all government services delivered electronically by 2008 -- the Performance and Innovation Unit (PIU) is currently compiling a report to look at how and where services can best be delivered.

Local councils are already introducing electronic services. In Lewisham, electronic benefit forms have slashed processing time from 10 days to a day and a half, according to Minister for the Cabinet Office Mo Mowlam. The Department of Education and Employment announced earlier this month, trials for delivering GCSE curriculum via digital TV. The Inland Revenue plans to accept electronic tax forms from next year.

Dr Mowlam believes e-government will put citizens back in the driving seat. "New technology offers us the opportunity to turn government the right way up -- starting with the individual, family or business that needs a service rather than with the professional, the administrator or indeed the politician who provides it," she said.