Grab your spears Oz! NZ is with you

I wish to thank the Australian Human Rights Commission and I bet Joseph Evers does too!

I wish to thank the Australian Human Rights Commission and I bet Joseph Evers does too! Were it not for you guys, I would never have heard of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

There you are trying to suppress a website you deem racist. But by turning attention to this site, you have given it publicity that its owner Joseph Evers could only dream of. Thus, if the blog truly is racist, you have only exposed its "racism" to so many more, myself included.

I had a look around the site. Offensive, maybe; childish, probably; racist, certainly not. It's not just indigenous Australians that were attacked. So were New Zealand's Maori, European New Zealanders, the English and many more. It would have been racist not to have also attacked indigenous Australians.

It committed blasphemy too, ridiculing Margaret Thatcher, and I am sure lefties will feel equally blasphemed at by the fun poked at the Obama Messiah! Few are spared. It is only a "satirical" website after all, and others do it better, such as Uncyclopedia and Sickipedia.

So there we are, worrying about the freedom of the internet and what might happen through various filters at both sides of the Tasman, when a government-funded agency decides to be an arbitrator of what we should and should not read. No wonder people get paranoid, as I noted earlier this week.

And what has this busybody commission achieved? It has further tarnished the reputation of Australia.

The story is going global with it making the papers in the US, Britain and New Zealand, as well as the blogs.

It was bad enough with human rights groups branding your government "enemies of the internet" thanks to your proposed filter — something your government denied. But within days we have something to prove the critics right after all.

Australia is supposed to be a land of the free. A vast, barren, empty continent where men and women can live as they please; free from too many impositions from central government. Think of those convicts and other settlers keen to live a new life as they wanted, without the shackles of colonial control. And now we see an interfering government cracking down on things it disapproves of.

Come on you Australians, show your pioneering, fighting spirit and rise up against your oppressors. I am sure the founders of your great nation would surely approve.

This is a battle in which we New Zealanders are with you, side by side. As Encyclopaedia Dramatica clearly states, we are "Australia's Bitch" after all!