Green coalition makes progress on CO2 emission cuts

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative, which is made up of Google, Intel, Microsoft and others, is on pace with efforts to reduce industry CO2 emissions

The information technology industry has cut CO2 emissions by 32 million metric tonnes globally since 2007 and is on pace to make further cuts, according to a study.

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) — a coalition of Dell, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft and others — commissioned a study from Natural Logic to set benchmarks for CO2 emissions. The study aimed to measure the CO2 emissions connected to IT equipment.

According to the study:

  • CO2 emissions have fallen 32 million to 36 million metric tonnes since 2007;
  • The CSCI is on track to cut IT industry emissions by 54 million metric tonnes by 2011;
  • Most of the CO2 emission cuts were achieved via streamlining new systems and preventing energy waste from the outlet to the computer.

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