Green Grid, Climate Savers combine green IT programs

The alliance will create a single organization focused on promoting energy efficiency best practices across the entire infrastructure -- from data centers to desktops.

Instead of having to deal with two organizations focused on high-level green IT initiatives (forget all the technolog-specific work going on), IT organizations will now be able to turn to just one. That's because Green Grid, which helped perpetuate the power usage effectiveness (PUE) concept, and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, are combining their programs

The organizations, which both have published numerous white papers about the benefits of power management and other green IT initiatives, are positioning the move as as way to accelerating the emergence of best practices for energy efficiency in both data centers and across a range of IT equipment. 

The Green Grid is also creating a "Sustainable Computing Initiative" that is similar in structure to the Power Management pledge that has been made by many Climate Savers Computing Initiative members.

Since the membership structures of the organization are similar, they say the transition should be seamless.