Green Grid welcomes Intel

AMD-led environmental effort is formally underway, with Intel joining as a full member
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor on

The Green Grid, an IT industry effort to encourage the reduction of power consumption, declared itself open for business on Monday with a new membership structure and the inclusion of Intel.

To mark the occasion, the Green Grid published three white papers on its website, which aim to help organisations understand more about energy consumption and the ways in which they can reduce it and save money.

When the Green Grid initiative was first launched in April last year, Intel was a noticeable absentee. The company is now part of the effort and is included in a list of members along with AMD, Dell, HP, IBM, Rackable Systems, SprayCool, Sun, VMware and APC.

The consortium also published information on how to get involved. Membership comes at a cost, though: $25,000 (£12,700) annually for full membership, and $5,000 for associate membership.

The aim behind the Green Grid is to pool ideas and experience to "help drive the creation of platform-neutral specifications and metrics", the consortium said in a statement.

Full members, also called "contributing members", will be able to attend and participate in all committees and working groups which, with AMD and Intel both in attendance, may well see some interesting debates.

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