Grip and stand any device with the iCarpus device stand

If it can stand up any device, it's well worth the $13 asking price.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

I've seen and used more stands than I can count, for propping up my devices for a variety of uses. Inevitably, no matter what stand I use, I always run into these issues:

  • One stand doesn't support all devices
  • Stands for specific devices generally require you to use the device without a case

The folks at Visual Factor LLC seem to be trying to solve all of your stand needs at once with the new iCarpus. At first glance it looks more like a gimmic than a legitimate product. However, after watching the video below, and seeing the still photos of the stand in action, I can definitely see the value in having one of these in my laptop bag, especially since it will only set you back about $13.

I've requested a review unit, so stay tuned as I put it through its paces by forcing it to hold my iPad, iPhone, and a slew of other random gadgets.

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