Groupon launches in Australia as Stardeals

Following a protracted trademark stoush with Aussie coupon website Scoopon, the Groupon website has launched under the name Stardeals today.

In the midst of an ongoing trademark stoush with Aussie coupon website Scoopon, Groupon has launched in Australia under the name Stardeals today.

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Groupon has been at loggerheads with Scoopon since late last year, after Scoopon purchased the domain and registered Groupon Pty Limited as its business trademark.

Groupon's choice to trade under the name Stardeals was decided earlier this year.

"Unfortunately, it could take a over a year to resolve our lawsuit. In the meantime, rather than continue to wait, we plan to grow in Australia under a tentative name, currently Stardeals," Groupon said in its blog in January.

The Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) said in January that the matter was outside of its jurisdiction because Scoopon had registered both the "Groupon" business name in Australia as well as the local domain name.

Groupon uses a combination of emails and a shopping website to offer a "daily deal" on Australian goods, services and events. The Stardeals site will initially offer deals to residents of Sydney and Melbourne. According to the company, it delivers more than 650 daily deals worldwide in over 40 countries.