Groupon warned by ACMA over email marketing

Online group-deals giant Groupon Australia has received a warning from the Australian Communications and Media Authority over its daily email newsletters.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has warned Groupon Australia for making it difficult for users to unsubscribe from its daily deals newsletters.

The ACMA said it received complaints from people who, once signed up to a daily or weekly deals newsletter, found it difficult to unsubscribe from all newsletters at once.

Groupon had in place multiple mailing lists it would subscribe each user to, and when unsubscribing from one list, the user would remain on the other lists, with many believing that they should have been unsubscribed from every list.

The ACMA said that Groupon had not made it clear enough to subscribers what list they were unsubscribing from.

"In the ACMA's view, it was reasonable for individuals to expect they would be unsubscribed from all newsletters unless they were advised otherwise," the ACMA said.

Groupon did not action some of the unsubscribe requests within the five-business-day deadline required by the Spam Act, the ACMA said.

Following receiving an official warning from the ACMA, Groupon has adjusted the wording on its website to do with unsubscribing and has implemented an account management system so users can choose which emails they want to receive from the company.