Guest appearance on TCPJ Unlocked #084; 4G, WP7, Nokia, and the PlayBook

Mickey and Joey asked me to join them on TCPJ Unlocked podcast to chat about my experiences with 4G, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

A couple years ago I appeared on TCPJ Unlocked #004 with Mickey and Joey of The Cell Phone Junkie site and podcast. Mickey Papillon is one of my favorite tech podcasters and a guy who I respect very much so I was honored to join him and Joey again on TCPJ Unlocked #084 this past week.

We chatted about 4G in the USA, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, and the BlackBerry PlayBook and I had a blast chatting with the guys. I highly recommend you consider supporting the show and subscribing to TCPJ Unlocked. You can use podcatchers, like BeyondPod on Android, to download and enjoy subscribed podcasts like this on the go too. Thanks again Mickey and Joey, it was a pleasure joining you to talk about the latest in mobile tech.